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Year 6 Revision @ Plessey Woods

In order to provide some real perspective about life as well as allow a moment to bathe in nature's spring glory, we spent all of Friday with our year 6 children in the beautiful Northumberland woodland near Bedlington.

Our morning was spent walking, paddling, hiding and seeking around the popular but intimate riverwalk, meadows and parkland. From faerie doors to totem poles, ogres to adders; the woods has everything to stir the imagination and heal the soul.

If the children had their choice, I 'm sure they would've preferred to spend the whole day in the river Blyth splashing and playing however the itinerary suggested more walking. The gentle meander led us high back up onto the vivid spring meadow where dandelion clocks danced before the perfect blue sky. Working in a school and with your children often provides magic and memorable moments where we are able to share experiences and learning in the most effortless of ways. It was almost as if we floated across that meadow towards the bluebells waiting in the woods.

Our afternoon  included: a frustrating orienteering exercise, a welcome ice cream, the obligatory game of rounders, much play in the new park and a swift 20 minute drive back to school for home time.

If you do get a chance to get to the woods sometime soon, we would all recommend Plessey. For more photos, please go to the gallery.